In March 2016, the North Valley Community Foundation launched the Chico Children’s Endowment Fund. The CCEF presented the opportunity to county organizations to apply for grants that would address the needs of children facing challenging home and/or living situations. The Bidwell Junior High School Foundation submitted proposals, Project Success (2016) and Project Success 2017, intended to support this targeted population at BJHS. The Foundations efforts were rewarded with grants of $4500 and $5000 respectively. 

The 2016-17 school year ushered in a significant population increase. Sixth graders are now a part of the Pioneer family, increasing the school population by 64%. The funding of Project Success has allowed the Foundation to continue and expand its support of teachers and students at Bidwell Junior High School. 

The Foundation is working closely with Martha Newton, Targeted Case Manager, and Counselors, Lisa Winslow, Melanie Verdone and Sandra Villasenor to assure that our targeted group of students has the educational supplies necessary to be academically successful. Backpacks, school supplies, school planners and bus passes have been provided to over 160 students in our targeted group. Also, to help foster a sense of belonging and Pioneer pride, PE uniforms with the BJHS logo, ASB cards, and Bidwell t-shirts were given to 145 students in our target group. Project Success 2017 expanded our support to include personal hygiene kits for this student population. 

The BJHS Foundation could not have provided this level of support to students and teachers had it not been for the funding of Project Success. Based on our research, data collection and parent/guardian comments, Project Success has definitely had a positive impact on the students who benefited from its funding.